Living with a lion


Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting our Living With a Lion website.

Our charity was established following the events of a cold December night in 2009. Keith had returned from a week working away on Friday 21st and retired to bed very tired. During the night his blood glucose levels dropped dramatically, causing him to have a seizure. During, or after this seizure he stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating. Thanks to the fast actions of his wife who began CPR the emergency services arrived after eight minutes but were unable to restart his breathing for a further twenty minutes. He was rushed to hospital where he remained in an induced coma for the next twelve days.

Keith’s recovery was a slow one, made worse by deep vein thrombosis and a pulmonary embolism. (Blood clots, leg & lung) He also suffered six spinal fractures following a couple of falls. (Later diagnosed with Osteoperosis)

During his recovery Keith took up creative writing to help encourage his brain to recover from the damage caused by lack of oxygen. One of his first short stories was named ‘Living With a Lion’ a metaphor for living with Diabetes, which encouraged him to set up this DIABETES AWARENESS CHARITY using the story’s title as the charity’s name.