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In December 2009 Keith had a serious hypo’, (low blood sugar) during the night, which led to a seizure. He stopped breathing and had a cardiac arrest.

Thanks to the fast actions of his wife, the emergency services arrived after eight minutes, but it took a further twenty minutes to get him breathing again. He was taken to hospital and put in to an induced coma where he remained in the critical care unit for the next twelve days.

He eventually regained consciousness and began his slow recovery, but things were made worse when he got Deep Vein Thrombosis and a Pulmonary Embolism, (blood clots – leg and lung) due to his immobility. In this weak state, Keith also had a couple of serious falls resulting in six spinal fractures, (later diagnosed with Osteoporosis).

During his recovery Keith wrote a short story or metaphor about his condition and called it  “Living With a Lion”

Feeling lucky to be alive and determined to give something back. Keith decided to set up this charity using the title of his story as it’s name.

View his story here





Everyone is welcome to our charity website, we hope you enjoy and please do not feel obliged to make a donation however all donations, small or large are so gratefully received and help us continue to raise awareness and fight the debilitating disease Diabetes.

Thank you.

Possibly for the first time, we have a Type 1 diabetic as Prime Minister. Wether this will make a difference, we’ll have to wait and see.


3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Keith Wathen

    Well done to Julia and Sam for their 10k run and for all the money they raised for Living With a Lion

  2. Phil Withers

    Brilliant team from livingwithalion entered the Humber Bridge Soapbox Derby 2016. Hope they raised a lot of money for their charity.


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