£10,000 is our initial goal & we still have a way to go. If everyone who visited this site made a donation of just £1 we would have exceeded that amount ten fold. You can help make a difference by pressing the ‘DONATE’ button today.

Please do not feel obliged to make a donation, however any donation small or large is so gratefully received.

Our aim is to use all of the funds we raise to help people with diabetes.

Our main focus will be on raising peoples awareness of diabetes and providing vital monies to help with diabetes research. We also intend to help individuals with hypo awareness difficulties and glucose monitoring problems by providing money for the training of  “Hypo alert dogs”  and the funding for continuous glucose monitors.

All of this can only be achieved by you making donations or raising money on our behalf. We believe that as charities grow, inevitably, money begins to be absorbed by administration and other costs. At Living with a lion we hope to avoid this and make sure that we make a difference now for people with this incurable disease you can make a small donation by clicking the ‘DONATE’ icon. Please do not feel obliged to so, however all donations are received with the utmost gratitude.

Thank you for your support.

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