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Welcome to Living With a Lion’s Poets corner.

Here’s your chance to speak your mind about how diabetes affects you. If you have, or know someone with the disease let us hear about it in a poem.

I have never considered myself a poet, but I have, at least had some experience of diabetes. Please read my poem and see what you think, if you already have a piece or you are inspired to have a go, then go ahead and write your poem in the comment box below and if considered suitable I will display your work on this page. please leave a title and an authors name. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

Awareness diabetes

Need to pee more than most?
Feeling tired and like a ghost?
Unquenchable thirst and dodgy sight?
Losing weight, becoming slight?

Maybe cuts not healing well?
These symptoms should, sound a bell!
Acting now is what to do
Get a Doc’ to look at you

Life long sentence seems severe
Yet diagnosis gives this fear
From that day it will remain
Every day delivers same

Tablets, pen, syringe or pump
Any of these give most the hump
Yet with no choice, or little say
We soldier on each single day

Avoid the highs yet above the lows
BG tests as red blood flows
Avoiding fats and terrible sweet
Don’t forget, keep an eye on the feet

Taking a walk is said to be good
Reducing sugars in the blood
Eating well keeps us stable
So mind what you’re putting on your table

Long term problems not for you?
Keeping legs and kidneys too?
Regular check ups to reach your goal
But you’re the one who’s in control!

A moment taken to help your aim
Is worth the effort to see the gain
Checking blood and clinical tests
Help to keep you at your best

Diabetes takes it’s toll
So eyes on target to reach your goal
Don’t let it get the better of you
Long term problems surely screw!

Keeping check and checking up
Will help you win your own gold cup
’cause staying alive is what we need
Not vanity or mindless greed!

Keep your health and your mind
Diabetes kills mankind!
Manage blood and glucose too
And old age should, welcome you

K R Wathen.

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Please be aware, all work must be original and your own, any work taken from another source may be protected by copyright. Any work displayed will remain your own and copyright remains with the author.

3 thoughts on “Poets Corner

  1. D Sharpe

    “You can’t have sweets, can you?” I’ m asked or often told
    “You ate too many when younger, you’ll be lucky if you get old”
    “He’s going ‘wappy’ again” is a phrase I hear them state
    “He needs another injection” the confused try and relate
    What will it take to convince them just how diabetes works?
    Education, diabetes awareness, informing of all it’s quirks?
    We can but try and spread the word, in hope a difference make
    While daily we experience the uninformed remarks we take

    D Sharpe

  2. Julie

    Sugar Sugar

    Sugar sugar tastes so good
    But when it gets into your blood
    Without insulin to make it work
    Glucose levels go berserk!

    Blood so sweet it makes you ill
    Type2 requiring use of pill
    Type1 however needing more
    Insulin injections is the score

    A glass of milk or healthy fruit
    Potatoes, rice or beetroot
    Each eaten carb has effect
    Regularly needing to inject

    Glucose goes low as well as high
    Causing confusion, wondering why?
    It’s a matter of balance, getting it right
    Holding on to sanity, kidneys and sight!

  3. K R Wathen


    Without realisation, actions reduce in pace.
    Outsiders would see colour, draining from my face.
    Simple tasks becoming, difficult to do.
    How hard can it be, to put on your own shoe?
    Can’t seem to stop yawning, yet thoroughly awake.
    Determined to continue, without obvious mistake.
    Shaking hands and clammy skin, preventing me success,
    I continue with the task, achieving less and less.
    Verbal nonsense spoken, as words begin to twist.
    Caught up within a wave, unable to resist.
    An urgent need of food, is apparent to me right now,
    but the shoe keeps my attention, preventing me somehow.
    I want to cry like a baby and curl up on the floor.
    I want to eat the kitchen, the other side of that door.
    The waves are getting stronger, overpowering me with fright,
    then disappearing slowly, evenly and light.
    Instinct lets me know, by filling me with greed.
    I burst into the kitchen, gaining access to my need.
    Stuffed and full of sugar, I lay upon the floor.
    The waves they still continue, then leave me on the shore.
    I wake having rested, restored to former self.
    Cold and damp I raise my body, up from the old ‘dog shelf.’
    Surrounded by a colourful mass, of spilled or fallen sweet,
    I look and notice something, there upon my feet.
    Two shoes sitting proudly, an achievement, it has to be said.
    The right one black, and left one, with heel and bright red!

    K R Wathen


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