Jelly Babies Save Lives!

imageAs I’m sure many of you have, I was once advised by a diabetes nurse while attending the hospital clinic for my annual check up,  that the best treatment for Hypoglycaemia is simple Jelly Babies.

I of course argued for the use of chocolate as my preferred antidote for the sometimes scary times when my sugar goes low. It was pointed out to me that chocolate takes longer to absorb because of the fat content and that the high percentage of sugar in Jelly Babies is higher than most other confectioneries. I stood my ground and when told that five brightly coloured, infant shaped jelly sweets was usually enough I argued that it was far too many!

I now have to confess. Having used the aforesaid jelly treats I am completely convinced that the nurse in question, who happened to be T1 herself was totally and utterly correct! The speed in which the Jelly Babies take effect is remarkably quick. So, if you feel your blood sugar is going low, reach for the Jelly Babies.

I keep a tin full on the kitchen side, a small tupaware container by the bed, one in the car and I carry small packets in my pocket or my wife’s bag if I go out. I can therefore be confident in stating that on more than one occasion…


K R Wathen.





One thought on “Jelly Babies Save Lives!

  1. Sarah

    Quicker than dextrose or lucozade? I may have to keep these in my handbag – only problem, i quite like jelly babies so could potentially eat them without going hypo 😉


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