Diabetes & God

Hi, I’m a type one diabetic, alltough I hate the term ‘diabetic’ I prefer to say “I have Type one diabetes.” I am also an atheist! Shock Horror!!

Brought up as a Christian it didn’t take long for me to realise that there was no credibility in the religious teaching I had received.

I do not in any way discourage any of the many religions of the world. However, for me, I believe we are in control of our own destiny. No God ever stopped any of the wars we have endured or mass genosides that have occurred throughout history. Many people die from disease every day of every year.

When diagnosed with type one diabetes in 1982 I thought my life was over. I then considered my options and realised that medical science had provided me with the chance to continue to live.

Many years later and following many ‘close shaves’ I suffered a serious nocturnal hypo!  Basically I died! No heart beat or breath for at least 28 minutes. During that time, I can confirm that there was no white light at the end of the tunnel and I did not meet St Peter at the gate!

Again, I reiterate, this is my opinion alone and I realise that a great amount of people believe in one God or another, however. I believe that if there was a god then there would be no wars, no mass genoside, no local murders, no cancer, no illness, no diabetes!

K. R. Wathen